Monday, 21 November 2016

Checking rotary disk timing

So, Sunday afternoon, wanted to take some time to ensure the timing of my rotary disks compared to the piston position. First thing I noticed was that no pistons are in TDC when the line on the rotor lines up with the crankcases, not sure if this is normal or not. Then you can see in the video, that as the pistons on the opposing cylinders come to TDC then rotary valves are just at the cusp of starting to shut.

So as the piston rises it is leaving low pressure in the crankcase which is drawing in fuel from the carbs through the rotary disk, as the piston reaches TDC the disk port can then start to shut as the piston starts downwards, as the disk closes the inlet  port the piston compresses the mixture in the crankcase, finally releasing it through the transfer ports into the top of the cylinder, then the piston continues upwards closing the transfer port and then the exhaust port (quite a lot higher) until finally compressing the fuel/air mixture in the top of the cylinder until the spark plug fires (before TDC) to push the piston around again. in the video I am mixing up cylinder 2 and 3 - obviously the diagonally opposite cylinders are pairs i.e. 1 & 4 and 2 & 3.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Saturday, 12 November 2016

RG 500

Head races in, and forks on, plus rear wheel and chain are back on to allow to use the rear brake to undo the gearbox sprocket, I need to change the very thin o-ring under the gearbox sprocket.

Monday, 7 November 2016

RG 500 Update

So I bought a cheap RG500 frame, and have been busy building it back up. I checked out the swinging arm bearings and they look pretty good, so they got a clean and new grease and on it went, along with the torque arm and rear brake and suspension.
I also got the engine in.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Ledenon Saturday

We were at Ledenon for probably the last outing, with the 350 and the FZR 600. As Sunday the weather was not good we decided to just do the Saturday. 3 sessions in the morning and 4 sessions in the afternoon, with Pierre-Luc on the 600 and me on the 350. It was a little bit cold for the first run, (7 degrees), but the 350 was fine, a little light colour on the plugs after the first run, but all good after.

We did have a bit of a panic getting the 350 started as one of the plug caps had come lose on the HT lead, but once that was plugged back properly, it ran fine all day.

I was pretty knackered after 7 runs out, and I must find a different riding position as my legs are really aching today. I think I am a little cramped on the bike, which leads to my toes pushing on the front of my boots and cramped legs.

Pierre-Luc, had a great day, and started to get his lap times down, so he was happy with that, and he is starting to abandon his road style and get his bum and knee out so all's good.

Sunday I spent some time in the garage, got the crankcase top back on the engine and cleaned up the swinging arm, and superglued the front mudguard which had quite a clean split in it. I sanded down the "cracks" on the swinging arm, but they are just on the surface, so nothing to worry about (!).
Top crankcase on

Installation at ledenon - very busy (not)

New Gearbox shaft O ring

Friday, 21 October 2016

Cheap bits

Output shaft o ring behind the gearbox sprocket. One of the cheaper parts for rhe RG. Oh and my fairings are ready at Poly26 (not so cheap). What colour should I do?

Thruxton R

Tried one of these at lunch time today. Here are my first impressions.
Didn't pick up from idle at first (maybe cold...)
Also had a fluff I thought I had run out of petrol, at one point, but it must have got itself in a twist.
The front end (showa) wasn't as planted as I would have liked. It didn't like going over bid bumps - I am sure the front wheel left the ground (maybe over damped).
The overall position was (for me) much the same as Libby's street triple, they do an option with the fairing with lower clipons - which I think would suit me better.
Very comfortable (I only had it for about 40 mins though).
Once the engine is up to about 3K rpm, there is a real PUNCH all the way to the red line ~7K rpm,
I miss the 12.5K on the Daytona, it almost reminded me of a 2 stroke power band - 3k - 7k.
The rear was lovely end (Ohlins) was lovely, the bike feels quite small as the tank is slim although in order to get your knees in the cut outs you have to sit back a bit, which is no bad thing.

It doesn't feel at all the heavy thing I was expecting.
Overall riding was quite pleasant, I am sure the fan came on, but I could find the temperature gauge so I am not sure if it was running hot! The instruments seemed at the wrong angle and picked up the reflection of the sky quite easily, which made them difficult to read. And at idle the needle is not steady (same on the Daytona).

Do I want one? No not really, I might like to try the version with the lower clipons to see if that makes the front feel any nicer, the biggest thing I would miss though is my lovely 3 cylinder engine with bags of power all the way through a large range of revs... Just suppose I'll keep on looking!
Thanks to cylceworld for the photo.