Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I took the Dayto out today for the first time this year. The battery is still tired so I decided to change it out for a Lithium battery that I bought last year. When I got back from my first ride of the year, I swapped out the batteries in the Dayto and the Street. I also changed the oil and filter on the dayto (89334 kms). I'll leave it until 100k before I do the valves again.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

TIG welding

My neighbour came up to help me set-up the TIG welder, that Father Xmas bought me. It's a German unit Stahlwerg with a plasma cutter, Stick welder and TIG capabilities. I had to source a local gas bottle, which added significantly to the cost, but shouldn't cost any more to run.

It is inverter technology so it runs of a normal 16 amp household plug socket. The set-up went well, and Yves had bought me a load of scrap steel, stainless and aluminium to practise with. I spent about 7 hours in the garage trying to make beads, and moving from the steel (easiest) to the stainless and then aluminium. After trying with the ali, going back to the steel is really easy, which builds confidence. I found a lot depended on the temperature and heat getting into the pieces of metal, once the metal was really hot, it was easy to punch holes in it, especially with the ali.

Suffice to say that with loads of practise things are getting easier, and I am getting more used to the machine increasing and decreasing the amps, and switching between AC and DC - AC for the aluminium is supposed to keep the temperature down, but I invariably made crappy welds with the ali, it's OK just running the torch up and down, but adding the filler rod, just made things plat all over the place! I think I need to work on the adjustments of the machine to understand what is going on.

I managed to get proficient enough to try and weld my silencers back together, which I did, and even though it's not pretty the weld is hidden by the carbon sheath, so it doesn't really matter.

Tomorrow's job is to get the belly pan on and then build up from there to get good holes in the new fairing panels.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Back in the garage

Well, even though I haven't been posting since November, I have been working on the bikes. I had a few bits delivered to Mums at Xmas, new cable adjuster for my carb (damaged in the accident), new side panel for the Triumph, plus Father Xmas brought me a TIG welder.

So where am I with the bike? Well all the mechanical parts are back on. I am in the process of adjusting the rear bodywork to fit the slightly different subframe on the new frame.  I have repaired the belly pan, fibre glass then filler.

The guy that paints my fairings told me my tank was basically dead, so I found another one which will also need painting. Next steps are to fit rhe belly pan, and then work up to see where I need to drill holes for the side panels and then on up to fit the new RGV250 top fairing.

My neighbour is going to teach me the basics of TIG welding and then I can make myself a new fairing stays.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Checking rotary disk timing

So, Sunday afternoon, wanted to take some time to ensure the timing of my rotary disks compared to the piston position. First thing I noticed was that no pistons are in TDC when the line on the rotor lines up with the crankcases, not sure if this is normal or not. Then you can see in the video, that as the pistons on the opposing cylinders come to TDC then rotary valves are just at the cusp of starting to shut.

So as the piston rises it is leaving low pressure in the crankcase which is drawing in fuel from the carbs through the rotary disk, as the piston reaches TDC the disk port can then start to shut as the piston starts downwards, as the disk closes the inlet  port the piston compresses the mixture in the crankcase, finally releasing it through the transfer ports into the top of the cylinder, then the piston continues upwards closing the transfer port and then the exhaust port (quite a lot higher) until finally compressing the fuel/air mixture in the top of the cylinder until the spark plug fires (before TDC) to push the piston around again. in the video I am mixing up cylinder 2 and 3 - obviously the diagonally opposite cylinders are pairs i.e. 1 & 4 and 2 & 3.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Saturday, 12 November 2016

RG 500

Head races in, and forks on, plus rear wheel and chain are back on to allow to use the rear brake to undo the gearbox sprocket, I need to change the very thin o-ring under the gearbox sprocket.

Monday, 7 November 2016

RG 500 Update

So I bought a cheap RG500 frame, and have been busy building it back up. I checked out the swinging arm bearings and they look pretty good, so they got a clean and new grease and on it went, along with the torque arm and rear brake and suspension.
I also got the engine in.