Friday, 21 October 2016

Cheap bits

Output shaft o ring behind the gearbox sprocket. One of the cheaper parts for rhe RG. Oh and my fairings are ready at Poly26 (not so cheap). What colour should I do?

Thruxton R

Tried one of these at lunch time today. Here are my first impressions.
Didn't pick up from idle at first (maybe cold...)
Also had a fluff I thought I had run out of petrol, at one point, but it must have got itself in a twist.
The front end (showa) wasn't as planted as I would have liked. It didn't like going over bid bumps - I am sure the front wheel left the ground (maybe over damped).
The overall position was (for me) much the same as Libby's street triple, they do an option with the fairing with lower clipons - which I think would suit me better.
Very comfortable (I only had it for about 40 mins though).
Once the engine is up to about 3K rpm, there is a real PUNCH all the way to the red line ~7K rpm,
I miss the 12.5K on the Daytona, it almost reminded me of a 2 stroke power band - 3k - 7k.
The rear was lovely end (Ohlins) was lovely, the bike feels quite small as the tank is slim although in order to get your knees in the cut outs you have to sit back a bit, which is no bad thing.

It doesn't feel at all the heavy thing I was expecting.
Overall riding was quite pleasant, I am sure the fan came on, but I could find the temperature gauge so I am not sure if it was running hot! The instruments seemed at the wrong angle and picked up the reflection of the sky quite easily, which made them difficult to read. And at idle the needle is not steady (same on the Daytona).

Do I want one? No not really, I might like to try the version with the lower clipons to see if that makes the front feel any nicer, the biggest thing I would miss though is my lovely 3 cylinder engine with bags of power all the way through a large range of revs... Just suppose I'll keep on looking!
Thanks to cylceworld for the photo.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Ready for repair

Well the RG is now down to the bare frame. The cranks have washed up well and no bearing damage. The big end bearings and small ends feel OK. The piston on nr. 3 had some impacts and the top ring slot was slightly squashed and after some advice from the gamma listers I opened it back up with a file. Next step is to get the frame straightened and rebuild the engine.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Engine stripped

I am stripping the RG engine because it has swallowed some gravel and also coz it's lighter to lift out when dismantled!

Cylinders 1 & 3 are the worrying ones, loads of shit everywhere, some impacts in the cylinder heads and loads of dust in the transfer ports.

Surprisingly the cylinders are undamaged, the pustons are showing some impacts but after a session with the emery cloth they are not too bad. The worst is that one of the ring grooves has slightly squashed gripping the ring.

The general consensus on the RG list is that I can file some metal off to release the high pounts in the groove - so I am going to try it.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Nearly stripped

Just the engine and swinging arm to go.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Just tested this...

KTM 1290 GT

What an engine, loads of gadgets to play with, traction control, anti-wheelie, shifter, ABS, dynamic suspension... but all that pales into insignificance when you open the throttle.... Brrrrmmmmph....

GREAT... now where did I put that 18,000 Euros.....

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

New Rev counter

So, fed up with the Ducati rev. counter bouncing between 0-10K rpm, I though I would add a cheap alternative, just so I know roughly where I am. I purchased this off ebay, honestly the Chinese will rule the world - 5 quid and free postage for a rev. counter. Anyway, the first thing you notice when you get it out of the package is that there doesn't appear to be a way to switch it off, so it's built as a disposable rev. counter lasting as long as the lithium battery lasts! Setting it up was easy, although there are different modes for 1 spark, 2 sparks per revolution etc... honestly didn't seem to make much difference. The other thing you notice is that it has quite a big latency, so it won't do to look at fast changes, but will still be useful when cruising at a fixed engine speed. Anyway, for a fiver what did you expect!

Here is what the Chinese manufacturer said to do :
If you want to turm off it.
You need press the S2 ,when LED show '05'.Press the 02 together untill the LED show '00'.After few seconds.The item will turn off.

Just a simple process then! haha...