Thursday, 25 May 2017

Triumph Bonneville

Well, cleaned the carbs and tank, added new fuel filters (the old ones were not flowing much), new battery, new master cylinder and brake set, new fork seals and oil (ATF), a bit of a clean and away she goes, oh and a new kickstart.

It really needs new paint, new mudguard etc... And it's a real mixture of metric, BS screws which is a shame. We'll have to see this winter.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Triumph and FZR

I received the factory Pro jet kit for the FZR, this provides different profile needles, plus a variety of pilot and main jets. I had also ordered their hardened emulsion tubes, which should improve smoothness at low revs. I installed just the needles on the middle clip position, but removing the shim under the original needles. This with the K&N filters. The first run out was far from good, it seemed very uneven from idle and wouldn't rev out. So I decided to increase the pilots and the main jets, given that the mid range seemed pretty good.

The pilots are upped to 35(?) And the mains were up to 115s from 107.5 quite a jump. I also noted that removing the pilots there were two that were slightly blocked so this was probably the reason of the rough running from idle.

Anyway the second run was instantly better, the engine picks up instantly from idle and then runs through all the way to the red line, if I am hyper critical I could probably change the mains again, although it's not clear if they need bigger (try first) or smaller (try second).

I have received the parts for the triumph, but I am still suffering to get fork seal out so will take that in to MotoLabo when I get my Suzuki parts.

Monday, 15 May 2017

New Triumph in the shop

A mate wanted me to get his Triumph T120 going again. So I have been busy getting that together. It's in a bit of a state but fortunately the carbs and tank were relatively clean, I put a couple of new filters inline as the old ones were drastically restricting  the flow of petrol also the tank has 2 taps and the right hand one is broken. Now on this model there is a pipe joining the float bowls of the Amal carbs so it should work and sure enough with a new battery and plugs it fired up.

On the chassis side of things, there was worse news, the front disk brake master cylinder was completely seized up, with brown mud like fluid all over... I tried in vain to release the piston from the master cylinder, but in the end I bought a new one complete with lever, if the caliper cleans out OK we should have a brake. The other thing that needed doing was a knackered kickstart, which I had to weld up and in the end we wanted to swap out as well. All new parts ordered from LP Williams in the UK.

The Suzuki just needs the carbs balancing and we'll see if has improved with standard emulsion tubes and needled in the carbs.

I also need to install the K&N filters on the FZR and reject the carbs, so lots to do!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Work on the bikes

Keihin unadjustable needles

Keihin Carbs

New plate for chain adjuster in the process....
Have been doing bits and bobs on the bikes since back from SRC. The first priority was to get the road going FZR back running. I got stuck because I couldn't fit the air box with the new carbs on it. I ended butchering a 3HE airbox and finally got it going only to find that it wouldn't run cleanly, it was alright on small throttle openings but wouldn't take any larger openings. Unfortunately the only way forward with those carbs is to buy adjustable needles as the standard Keihin needles don't have any clips - they are fixed. I could of course add shims, but I don't have any either, so it was off with those carbs and back on with the standard carbs and air box, everything went OK except they leaked which meant another strip down and this time added some gasket silicon to the float bowls.
The bike is still a bit fluffy at low rpm due to wear in the emulsion tubes caused by the vibration of the needles. I have purchased new emulsion tubes and needles appropriate to running k&M's and we'll see what that does - should be perfect. The handling is far improved with the shock factory shock although it makes the front feel very bouncy....

Other jobs :- fed up with my wobbly gear lever and he problems st the SRC, so decided to use a spare FZR one in it's place the advantage is that the gear lever pivots around the footrest the same as the RG so I just neede d to run up a new footrest and adapt a tie rod. Yamaha in their wisdom reversed the normal sense of the tie rod as you will know that one end a right hand thread and the other is  a left hand thread, well they put the normal thread at the gearbox end and the other one at the footrest end!

I am also taking the 500 TM34 carbs back to standard to try and get some semblance of mid range, so motocarb is sending me some new needles and emulsion tubes.

I am also in the process of replacing the chain adjuster plates at the end of the swinging arm to enable me to add some nipples to get the stand on easier - I am fed up with trying to fiddle the stand on and then it not supporting the weight of someone trying to start the bike.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Sunday Ride Classic

Great weekend at the SRC this last Easter weekend. We took  3 bikes down, the FZR 600 for Pierre-Luc, the RG for me and the 350 just in case!

I borrowed a trailer which I have used before, but this time the tyres were not in brilliant shape, and you can't see it at all once it's behind the Renault Trafic. Still I loaded up Thursday afternoon after having finally sorted the carbs I shortened the cable to carb nr. 3, so I could bring it close to adjustment. It was dripping premix from somewhere but within acceptable limits, so it went in as was.

We left Friday morning to arrive at lunchtime, the make shift number plate ended up on the floor, but that was the only minor mishap. We wanted to be next to PL arriving later in the day so decided to put ourselves in parking E which is a long way out, but the organisation had added electricity connections so the only thing we were missing were toilets.

PL was going to miss the Friday evening session which they had moved forward to avoid people having to stay late on Sunday, crazy from our perspective as there was Easter Monday so no need to get home before Monday evening. Anyway I got all the admin out of he way and even managed to convince them to give me a scrutineering badge for 350, which meant that I could use it at a moments notice (a good thing).

The bike was still loosing fluid which on further investigation seemed to be coming from a rather large air leak from the ignition pickup. Wow if I had gone out with that leak I would have surely seized! Disaster avoided!
I removed the pickup (with some difficulty as one of the screws had seized and I ended up drilling it out) and borrowed some gasket silicone and we were back in business.

Friday evening the first session, finished after a couple of laps as I couldn't shift up by foot. The lever was jamming on the connecting rod, bummer. A quick fix by adding a was here to stiffen things up a bit. The bike was running as normal apart from the gears.... That's to say nothing under 8krpm and then great power up to the red line at 11.5k.

PL arrived at around 9:00 having had an awful journey through the holiday traffic. Luckily I had taken his pass, so I waited for him at the entrance on the FZR.

He went wrong somewhere so I waited for about 15mins, and then went to start the bike to lead him to the car park, and the battery was almost dead. I managed to limp back to the car park and upon further investigation it was clear that the reg/rec had burnt out! Luckily we were able to put the battery on charge overnight, otherwise he would have been disappointed in the morning.

As it was, in the morning the FFM were unable to provide a day license so PL ended up missing his second session!
I went out again and completed 3 laps this time round as one of the side panels came loose and I had to pull in to fix the dzus fittings.

Libby also told me that the bike was smoking a lot even down the straight so I checked the plugs for richness and effectively they were dark, but I wasn't going to jet down as the next session was a cold morning one.

Anyway next session the bike only started on 3 and despite my efforts to fix it the cylinder nr. 3 was still not firing correctly so I peeled my sticker off and jumped on the 350 for the 3rd session which went great! A real pleasure to be able to concentrate on enjoying myself  rather than worrying about the bike.

In the evening I changed the coil and plug on the RG but nothing altered so I can only assume that the carb settings on nr. 3 were so far out due to me setting them up with the leak, that this was affecting the firing.

Anyway, I could emptied it of petrol, filled up the 350 and didn't touch it again until Sunday evening loading.

The Sunday we had 2 morning sessions and the 350 was a dream to ride, I had a great time battling it out with other 2 strokes!

In the meantime whilst wondering about Saturday morning I managed to find a reg/rec similar to the one on the 600, which I purchased for 30 euros, and the 600 was back to charging the battery again! So we didn't have to dismantle everything after each session to charge the battery.

All in all a weekend that started badly but ended rather well especially as we had a great day on the coast and a lovely meal with friends on Sunday evening before hitting the traffic Monday afternoon.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Ready to go?

Well I got all the brackets primed and painted and the top fairing in place. Complicated to place all the bits of wiring loom, but I attached them to the fairing stay. I also fitted the screen just to make sure everything passed without rubbing.

The last thing this do was to balance the carbs,  which was complicated by the fact that the reserve position doesn't appear to work on the tank.

The bike started alright but I think the cable on the carb nr. 3 is too long, I had to make a new one after the crash last year. I will shorten it tomorrow and take a look at the petrol tap, I hope I have simply reversed the filter tubes. We'll see!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Fairing stay

I think I am done, just need to balance the carbs tomorrow, and then we are ready for the weekend. There are a couple of wings which for the moment are screw on, but I may weld if they move.